Before I Buy These MSCHF Boots, I have a Few Questions

3 min readFeb 20, 2023

I am a sucker for outlandish fashion statements, but when it comes to those big, red MSCHF boots, I’m still undecided

Photo Source: Unsplash via Kier in Sight

If you’ve been living under a rock and somehow missed the craze surrounding these big red MSCHF boots, first of all, let me show them to you.

Now, I know for a fact that the vast majority of you either love or hate these boots. Personally, I’m a huge fan. I have always been a fan of cute, comfy shoes. I was an early fashion adapter of Ugg boots, and although I was rather late to the Croc party, I now have about a dozen pairs. I also have a love for Yeezy shoes, moon boots, and have several other pairs of shoes that have elicited polarizing fashion opinions.

When I saw those big red MSCHF boots (they also come in other colors, but I don’t think they are widely available as of yet), I immediately fell in love! They are cutesy, cartoonish and stylish, yet look super comfy…you know, a lot like me! Nevertheless, these days, I have always hated big red bandwagons and tend to become quite reluctant to buy into things once they become too trendy.

Therefore, before I make this relatively hefty investment into a new pair of MSCHF boots, (Keeping in mind that I have zero need for a new pair of anything…besides, maybe, houses.) I have a few questions.

Questions about MSCHF Boots

That said, here are my questions about these new trendy boots:

  • How Comfortable are they? — My first question, is on a scale from 1–10, how comfortable are these boots? I mean, they’re super cute, but if they are hard, overly stiff, or without support, that will likely be a deal breaker.
  • Are They for Thicker Women/People? — I’ve heard…




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