Does Doja Cat Really Hate Hair, or Does She Just Hate Black Hair?

4 min readAug 7, 2022

Yes, Doja is an international treasure, guys, but I’m still calling her to the carpet.

Photo source: Unsplash via Max Simonov

Let me preface this article by stating that I absolutely love Doja Cat. Although she has been involved in multiple controversies and certainly doesn’t seem to befriend women like me, I have been a major cheerleader for Doja Cat’s career and plan to continue to do so.

Also, when I initially heard about her shaving her head on camera, I did not jump to conclusions. Although many people wanted to compare it to the infamous Brittany Spears breakdown, I more so took the Chris Crocker approach to this situation: LEAVE DOJA ALONE!!

Until I thought about her history with “4C Hair.” Now, to be clear, I am a self-proclaimed naturalista. I absolutely love natural hair in all forms! However, I am also a fashionista, and I fully understand why women would want to cut, dye, perm, braid, straighten, and shave their hair. I have had virtually every hairstyle and color known to man, and I’m far from done with my own experimentation.

However, when an old Doja video popped up on my timeline, I started wondering: does Doja really hate having hair, or does she just hate the texture? Watching the video below, it’s clear that she has a major disdain for kinkier hair textures. Although it is certainly her right to feel how she wants to feel about her hair, I am concerned about the message she may be sending to little Black girls and others who have kinkier hair textures.

Still, I Empathize

Look, I get it. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are told that the kinkier your hair is, the less attractive you are. In fact, I once dealt with a man who told me that he would rather Black women




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