The Reason Takeoff’s Death is Especially Troubling to the Some of Us

4 min readNov 21, 2022

It seems that a new rapper is getting killed every week; at this point, nobody is safe.

Photo Source: Unsplash via Freddy Kearney

As an empath, I am constantly torn between trying to find ways to honor the death of every single being and reminding myself that death is a natural part of life. Nevertheless, it becomes especially troubling when dealing with situations in which the death, itself, is unnatural.

Indeed, no matter what age someone is or what they’re into, losing them to gun violence is almost always a totally traumatic experience. Personally speaking, I have been dreading Takeoff’s Death date, November 1, for a couple of years. It just so happens that I lost someone near and dear to me at a Halloween party a couple of years ago. So, waking up early on November 1 of this year was incredibly troubling, to say the very least.

The Trouble with Takeoff’s Death

All that aside, there was something especially troubling about Takeoff’s death, in particular. To be clear, I think all death is tragic because it’s our final goodbye here on this plane of existence. No matter how terrible someone may be, death only robs them of a way to fix the things that they’ve broken and turn their life around in a totally new direction. We all fall short.

Yet and still, none of this seems to apply to Takeoff. No matter where you look (of course, there may be some exceptions), virtually everyone who spoke about Takeoff had only the most positive things to say. Everyone is saying he was kind, mild-mannered, funny, thoughtful, and caring. These attributes seem exceptionally uncommon when dealing with new-age rappers in the hip-hop community. Nonetheless, this is what happened with Takeoff, a man who was gunned down while enjoying himself at a birthday gathering on Halloween.

Is Anyone Safe?

Although the streets belong to no one, there was a time when we were at least under the delusion that they had a code — No women, no kids, no innocent bystanders, no civilians. Unfortunately, while Takeoff arguably fit the description of the latter two, he was still shot IN THE HEAD while literally minding his own business.




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