There's No Such Thing as a 50/50 Relationship

4 min readMar 5

I'm not here to tell you not to pay half of the bills, but I am here to tell women the true cost of most of these relationships…

Photo Source: Unsplash via Jessica Felicio

I've been avoiding the preposterous 50/50 debate for years. Yes, I admittedly windmilled over this topic years ago, but I quickly realized that most people were not ready to have a real discussion. Nevertheless, after a very candid conversation with a few friends over the weekend, I decided to put my thoughts in writing once and for all.

Changing Relationship Dynamics

I constantly see threads and conversations with opinionated men and women debating the notion of 50/50 relationships. Honestly speaking, each and every time I see the topic creep onto my timeline, I am tempted to log off. For whatever reason, we now live in a time when the average woman, especially the average Black woman, is grossly undervalued.

Indeed, we seem to live in an age in which all women are judged solely based on looks, and thus, may be promptly discarded after a man has gained access to their body and had their way with it. Moreover, despite pretending to favor 'gender equality,' many men judge women's sexuality more harshly than ever. So, rather than giving grace to the women who succumb to their hormones outside of committed relationships, they simply use this as an excuse to discard them and go back on the prowl to find another victim.

At the very same time, these same men constantly complain about the lack of 'traditional' women in the dating market. You will routinely hear them lamenting over being unable to find women who want to cook, clean, nurture, and bear their children. And in the same breath, many men do not seem to want these things in the present, and instead, they want the option of pursuing these things in the future with every single woman in whom they're interested.

On the other hand, women seem to be split between those who are 'sexually liberated' and use sex and sensuality for fun and as a bargaining chip, those who enjoy sex with no strings attached, and those who may want committed relationships but, at the same time, are far leerier of having children and settling down. This is partially due to the fact that plenty of men have shown that, no matter what, they will continue…


They call me “the voice of the people,” but I can only speak for myself.