What If I Told You Megan Thee Stallion's Vagina Was Never On Trial?

6 min readJan 17, 2023

It seems that many of you have the wrong idea about how court works. Let's discuss it.

Photo Source: Unsplash via Etty Fidele

The Tory Lanez trial is finally over, and many of you are still getting on my nerves. I remained silent for the duration of the trial because I wanted to let everyone get a chance to realize how ridiculous their thoughts about the case truly were. Yet and still, even after everything that came out before, during, and after the trial, people are finding a way to blame Megan Thee Stallion for Tory Lanez's antics. At this point, I'd love to know what is actually wrong with some of you?!

Open and Shut

Typically speaking, if a famous rising entertainer were involved in a shooting in which they, themselves, and multiple other people identified one man as the gunman, this would've been an open-and-shut case.

However, in Megan Thee Stallion's case, the court of public opinion was anything but kind and rational. Instead, it seems that people found every reason to either insinuate that she didn't get shot, that someone else shot her, or that she maybe even shot herself.

To add literal insult to injury, people seemed to believe that she was somehow liable for the violence committed against her — That even if she did get shot, somehow, she had it coming. This speaks to a more significant issue that denies Black women, especially unambiguous Black women, the right to their own victimhood.

We've seen this in various aspects of society. For instance, it is a well-known fact that Black women are statistically more likely to die during childbirth (three times more likely, to be exact!) Black women are also more likely to be ignored and left in pain when visiting emergency rooms and other healthcare settings.

These implicit biases are based on stereotypes that assert Black women are overly masculine (and possibly otherworldly) and thus do not experience pain in the same way as other human beings. (One very troubling example of this occurred when T.J. Holmes’ infidelity got exposed. Despite being more of an ambiguous Black woman, as a back-handed tribute to her on their anniversary, T.J. made it a point to attribute her willingness to withstand his infidelity and emotional abuse to




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