“You People” Need to let Lauren London Live her Life

5 min readFeb 8, 2023

It seems that many of you have unrealistic expectations of grieving Brown women. Let’s discuss.

Photo Source: Unsplash via Jakob Owens

Before we get into this topic, I want to clarify that Lauren London has suffered a significant loss. She lost one of the closest people to her and the father (figure) of her child(ren). This is obviously a very tough situation, and I have remained silent on the topic thus far for this very reason.

Then Came You…People

Nevertheless, amid the commentary involving her latest film, You People, I have decided it’s time to break my silence.

Although I still have no interest in watching the full film (as of yet), I have received the cliff notes via social media and my own social circle. One noticeable issue with the film is the total lack of chemistry between Amira (played by Lauren London) and Ezra (played by Jonah Hill.) — the lack of chemistry is evident, even in the clips.

Personally, I believe that the duo had more of a friendship vibe. Not all co-stars get all hot and heavy, and we’ve seen what can happen when they do *cough* *cough* Mr. and Mrs. Smith *cough*. So, I see no issue with the lack of affection and sexual energy between the two of them.

Troublesome Twitter Commentary

I want to be clear; this video does not depict queen-level treatment in my eyes. I’m not saying that he didn’t treat her like a queen, but I am saying if he did, this is not proof of that.

Either way, when I started scrolling through Twitter, I noticed many people equating Lauren London’s role with her personal life. Somehow, many people concluded that she was not more intimate with Jonah Hill because she was so heartbroken by the loss of Nipsey Hussle and, thus, will never move on.

But the part that really annoyed me was that this was being celebrated. And, of course, it was celebrated mainly by certain Black men. So that being said, let’s get a few things clear…




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